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Our Products

OUR products:

All our products are new unless there is clear statement that this product is used. If you noticed that our product is not new – let us know. If the product is on SALE – keep in mind we do not accept returns for those. We are accepting in normall way warranty.


Customised items:

If you are ordering customised product or 3D printed product – delivery times depends from our workload and how complicate is the order. We would inform you by e-mail about order status and expected shipping time. In that case – you would have a right to cancel the order before the production would start. It is not possible to cancel customised products after we start production process.

web services:

If you decided to register for our web services or security services, we would charge you monthly (after free period) using your defined payment method. You can cancel your subscription in any time – but it would be valid until the end of the prepaid period.

items not in stock:

If you decided to order an item not in stock – please be aware that sometimes waiting time could be up to 4 weeks. We are doing our best to keep you informed on our pages about expected waiting time. If there is any delay – we would inform you by e-mail about your order status. You can always cancel your order.


We are following EU regulations for returns. If the item is not a customised or not a DIY part – you can return this to us in 14 days in original box without any signs of use. After we receive your return and after check – we would pay you back total costs normally in 24 hours.


We are following EU regulations about warranty. If your ordered item is faulty (factory issue) or is not working as expected – we would exchange this item for you. Normally warranty period depends from product type and is from 3 month to 2 years. Please refer to product specification.

My Orders

About Free Shipping offers:

If your order is above 100 Euros – shipping would be free. Some exception could apply. Please refer to your order process. If you have any questions – contact with us.


If we have an item on stock – we would usually ship this to you on the next working day.  We are shipping using PostNL service, eventually DHL service. As soon as your shipment would be ready to go – you should receive an e-mail with a tracking number.

Missed shipment:

If there is any issue with shipped order – please let us know. We are always giving you tracking number for most of the orders. If you decide to use not trucked shipment service like PostNL envelope – we are not responsible for missed shipments.

Destroyed packaging:

If you noticed that item packaging is destroyed or wet – please raise a claim with shipping company. Reject to receive the item and contact with us. Most of our products should be kept out of water and extensive heat. Some of them are very delicate and could be easily broken. We are doing our best to pack those correctly. All product packaging is verified before shipment.

My Account

Account management:

If you are registered user – you can manage your details after log in, you can check order status, you can modify shipping address and you can download invoices on-line.

GDPR regulations:

We are following all EU regulations about data privacy. If you want your account to be deleted – please contact with us. We can’t remove some of the data about your orders – but we can remove from database all personal information stored on server. we are never sharing personal information with 3rd party companies, unless it is necessary to execute the order process or shipment or service.

What if I have closed my account:

If you closed your account – and you need invoice or details about order – please contact with us. You need to provide us some extra information so we can find your order – like order number, date, e-mail. If account was closed – we would not be able to restore this.

Office Hours

Monday – Friday:
10am – 16pm

Holidays: Closed

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0412 486 985 (ext. 400)

0412 486 985 (ext. 401)

0412 486 985 (ext. 402)


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